AEROSOL. Fertilizer «Antistress»

Antistress kind of Zelenit is an aerosol fertilizer that shall be applied during autumn and winter time as well as at changeable plant growth conditions.


What does ZELENIT — Antistress do?

  • gets a plant prepared for dormant period
  • enhances plant immunity
  • suppresses fungus and bacteria effects
  • facilitates plant establishment during its replanting or cutting
  • improves the appearance of decorative plants
  • promotes early root-formation, hastens plant growth and development
  • increases its temperature-split resistance
When to Feed
  • during dormant period preparation (September — November) — once every two weeks and 1-2 times during wintertime
  • at replanting, changes of temperature, humidity or light intensity, or during transportation
  • for adaptation of a plant brought from a shop
  • in order to reduce stress caused by chemical or antibacterial treatment
Nutrients Content
Potassium 0,5%
Microelements: Fe, Cu, Mo, B, Zn, Mn, Co, Mg, S 50 мг/л