AEROSOL. A Fertilizer for Flowering Plants

Zelenit for flowering plants is a kind of an aerosol fertilizer aimed for the application during spring and summer time in order to facilitate lush flowering as well as to protect a plant in changeable growth conditions.


What does Zelenit do?

  • increases flower size, brightness and colour intensity;
  • facilitates additional buds formation and lush flowering;
  • increases disease and stress resistance;
  • compensates a lack of nutrients;
  • provides effective root development.
When to Feed
  • during intensive growth (March &— September)
  • during budding and flowering stage — once two weeks
  • during dormant period — once a month
  • at soil preparation for planting or replanting
Nutrients Content
Phosphorus 0,3%
Potassium 0,5%
Microelements: Fe, Cu, Mo, B, Zn, Mn, Co, Mg, S 50 мг/л