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«Smart Fertilizer» Zelenit for the First Half of Summer

 IMG_0271 «Smart fertilizer» ZELENIT is called «Fertilizer for the First Half of Summer” as it contains high amount of nitrogen – the main nutrient responsible for plants growth and development. In the beginning of summer, during the intensive growth of plants, they mostly need nitrogen. This kind of ZELENIT may be applied both for foliar and root feeding. As foliar fertilizer, ZELENIT may be combined with insecticides and fungicides of any kind. Due to its sticking ability you may considerably reduce an amount of harmful substances applied during treatment. The liquid state of fertilizer ZELENIT can provide prompt and simple supply of nutrients to soil and compensate for their lack in quick and easy way. You just have to add one tablespoonful of the fertilizer into 10-12 l of water and to pour the mixture onto the plants. It is the most adequate way to feed your bushes, trees and perennial flowers.

«Smart Fertilizer» Zelenit for the Second Half of Summer

 IMG_0273 «Smart fertilizer» ZELENIT is called «Fertilizer for the Second Part of Summer” because its basic function is to facilitate flowering and fruit setting, that can be provided due to high concentration of phosphorus and potassium. The main role of potassium is to enhance plant immunity, so it shall be mainly applied in the late autumn in order to get a plant prepared for the winter period. This kind of fertilizer can be used until the early frosts. You can feed both leaves and roots with ZELENIT “For the Second Half of Summer”. If you want to have lush blossoms of perennial and yearling flowers – water them with the mixture of 10-12 l of water with just one tablespoonful of the fertilizer added.