Foliar Feeding of Indoor Plants

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Super concentrate Zelenit for flowering plants: azalea, orchids, acalypha, anthurium, bougainvillea, hibiscus, jasmine, rose, gardenia

What does super concentrate Zelenit do for flowering plants?

  • increases their size, brightness, color intensity
  • increases their size, brightness, color intensity
  • increases disease and stress resistance
  • compensates nutritional deficiency
  • • influences effectively on root development

Super concentrate Zelenit for foliar plants: palms, ficus, citrus plants, dieffenbachia, coffee, begonia, coleus, maranta, monstera, strawberries, vegetable seedling

What does Zelenit do for foliar plants?

  • provides plants with an adequate nutrition
  • accelerates growth, makes a plant higher and larger
  • makes effective impact on root development
  • enlarges leaf size
  • increases disease and pest resistance

Special autumn super concentrate Zelenit – Antistress shall be applied at disease and pest exposures, replanting and relocation, changes of temperature or illumination

What does special autumn super concentrate Zelenit-Antistress do?

  • makes a plant prepared for dormant period
  • enhances plant immunity
  • suppresses fungus and bacteria effects
  • enhances plant survivability at replanting and cutting
  • improves the appearance of decorative plants
  • facilitates root formation, growth and development of plants
  • increases their tolerance to temperature changes

Aerosol liquid mineral polymeric fertilizer “Zelenit” for foliar feeding is the latest patented in Russia invention of PolymerOrgsynthese company in the area of indoor plants handling.

Newly invented polymeric matrix of the fertilizer contains the full complex of essential nutrients and necessary microelements. As a base of the fertilizer, organic polymer has surface-active properties and high rate of penetration of nutrients into a plant, providing therefore most balanced and durable feeding of the latter. As a result, you can get steady growth and increase in green mass of your plants, early formation of fruit ovary and inflorescence as well as better quality and external appearance of your flowers.

Benefits of aerosol fertilizer Zelenit over traditional foliar feedings:

    • for its application you have just to press the button
    • it contains prepared for use solution of basic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron) and microelements in need
    • saves your time for plant treatment (you don’t have to take prescribed amount of concentrate, mix it with water and stir it up)
    • nutrients are spread over the leaves and kept there for a long time due to specific properties of the polymer
    • doesn’t make spots on furniture, wall-papers, windowsills

Aerosol fertilizer “Zelenit” cannot substitute root feedings entirely, but ultimately presents itself as a powerful effective tool that allows to resolve different tasks oriented on plant handling and feeding.