ZELENIT — Aerosol Fertilizer

What kind of a fertilizer is aerosol one?

It is a kind of fertilizer developed especially for foliar spraying of plants cultivated indoors, in the greenhouses, on the balcony, etc.

Aerosol fertilizer ZELENIT is produced in the form of aerosol spray-can containing solution of all the necessary nutrients ready for use.

Why aerosol?

As a matter of fact, plants can obtain nutrients not only through roots but also through leaves.

It is a common fact that when we spray the leaves of a plant we can help to compensate it for a lack of nutrients contained in soil and supply it with the nutrients, vitamins and hormones that it needs just at the given period of its growth and development.

ПWhile using the aerosol spray-can ZELENIT you can form mist containing the smallest droplets of the fertilizer which covers the whole plant and makes foliar feeding several times more effective.