ZELENIT — Polymeric Fertilizer

What kind of a fertilizer is polymeric one?

What is a polymer?

We know a great number of natural polymers.

They are such compounds as proteins, starch and cellulose. Starch kissel is one of the examples of liquid polymers.

A molecule of polymer is similar to a beads chain.

On every «bead» of ZELENIT a portion of nutrient — nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus — is set.

Due to the polymeric base of the fertilizer, not a drop of it rolls down from a leaf.

What are the advantages of polymeric fertilizer ZELENIT application?

  • There is no risk of overfeeding a plant. Nutrients contained in ZELENIT fertilizer are longer to be absorbed.
  • It let nutrients be easily supplied.  Polymeric form of ZELENIT fertilizer provides nutrients supply in those parts of a plant where they can be most effective.
  • ZELENIT fertilizer can be applied in combination with insecticides
  • It is possible to reduce an amount of insecticides on 1/3. ZELENIT fertilizer holds drops on leaves and they do not roll down.